A private investigator with an interesting ability.

Eve's reference sheet

Eve's mark

Some character design, reference sheet, and mark by Rinikka.

Eve is a female unicorn private investigator, and the main character of Crime Lab.

Eve has an introverted, laid-back, and cynical personality. She often resorts to sarcasm when interacting with others, and is usually quite blunt about what she thinks.

She doesn't really respect authority, is a little headstrong, and doesn't like being told what to do. But when it comes to investigation, she keeps an open mind and considers all the leads, following them all diligently to uncover the truth.


Eve's special talent is solid magical projection: projecting her magical into solid physical forms, that hold as long as she concentrates on them and supplies magic. She can form any shape and control the density of the object. The limits on this ability are that larger and more dense objects require more sustained magical energy, and more complex objects require more concentration. Her magic is colored white, and her projections appear as white glowing shapes.

She can use this talent for various things, including:


Eve works as a private investigator, using her projection ability to navigate, access areas, learn about and recreate what happened in a case.

Steampunk Version

Eve steampunk version reference sheet, casual wear

Eve steampunk reference sheet, formal wear

There is a alternate-universe steampunk version of Eve.