Heart and Soul

A very pink pair of identical twins.

Heart and Soul's reference sheet

Heart's cutie mark

Soul's cutie mark

Character design, reference sheet, and mark by Rinikka.

Heart and Soul are female earth pony identical twins, who are very close with each other.


Heart is extraverted, flirty, casual, carefree, and spontaneous. She likes to nudge others outside of their comfort zone, for example dressing her sister Soul up with bows.

Her mane is often dishevelled. She wears it loose, not bothering to do anything more with it. Soul often comments that she should get her hair cut, or at least style it a bit. Heart always dismisses it.

She is a trained medical professional, working in Aeroville as the local doctor.

She loves chocolate.


Soul is more introverted and reserved than her sister. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

She is a gymnast and acrobat, and so she is physically very flexible.

She is also a trained psychiatrist and counselor, working in those roles in Aeroville.